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Turks And Caicos Islands Car Rental - Car Hire Price Comparison

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Explore the Wonderful Turks and Caicos Islands

Turks and Caicos Islands are actually a part of British overseas territory just like the British Virgin Islands and Anguilla. They are a part of eight major islands and other smaller dozens. These Islands hosts a number of beaches that attraction so many tourists who come to sun bath and have a good time with their families.

Why should I go to Turks and Caicos?

You should go to Turks and Caicos to;

  • Experience their way of life and dine in their great and numerous
  • Due to the amazing climate and have fun at their clean beaches
  • To go see the biggest reef in the world
  • To have a look at other numerous tourist attractions

When is the best time to visit Turks and Caicos?

The best time to tour Turks and Caicos is during the months of April and May since this is when the climate is most favorable for vacations. The Islands do not get much of the rainfall and just like other Caribbean countries, these Islands receive so many visitors every year and especially in the months of March and December.

What places do I need to visit in these Islands?

  • National parks

These Islands host the most well-known national park system in the Caribbean and the Islands have reserved a total of 33 national parks, Santuaries as well as Nature reserves. The parks have coral reefs, mangrove estuaries and act as habitats for numerous species of birds as well as different animals. Visit the parks to enjoy the great natural sceneries that make up these Islands.

  • Turks and Caicos Museum

Turks and Caicos have only one museum and it is situated on Grand Turk, which happens to be the capital city of the country. This is certainly the place to visit due to its exhibition of the artistic history of the Islands. The museum is among the smallest in the whole world.

  • Frolicking Glow Worms

Every month, the most idealistic displays are shown along the Caicos banks normally in between the third and the sixth day just after the full moon has appeared. A great occurrence caused by the light of the full moon motivates small invertebrates to start their mating. When the female worm frees her eggs, the male worm fertilizes the eggs which release a nice glowing green. You just can not mist this whole natural occurrence.

What is the best mode of transport to use in Turks and Caicos?

The best and most convenient means of transport in Turks and Caicos is the use of car rental. With a car rental, you can explore the different places in Turks and Caicos at your own pace. It is possible to get car rental companies once you arrive at the airport. There are also different car rental companies all round Turks and Caicos where you can always hire a car.

You can as well book in advance so as to enjoy the discounts. It is also possible to get cheap car hire services if you are operating on a tight budget.

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